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still working to contain the fire, but it looks as if they've gotten a handle on it. want to show you exactly where that fire was burning. it's in fairfield, not far from the fairfield high school on marigold drove. it's east of i-80. now a live look from our nbc chopper which has been on the scene since this fire broke out around 3:30 or 3:45 this afternoon that's eastbound 80 at the bottom of your screen, and the small a good news here is that 80 has been open throughout this ordeal. smoke has been going the other way into the community and away from 80. so the commute, though it's sluggish, 80 remains open. we want to bring in gail spears, a spokesperson from the city of fairfield. are you with us? >> caller: i am. >> at this point, it's 6:00. can you tell us the very latest? >> caller: we've opened an evacuation center over at fairfield high for those who are
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being displaced right now for their safety. >> from what i've seen in the 5:00 hour, we saw a lot of smokes, a lot of flames. it looks like it's dissipated. it seems that firefighters have gotten control of this, what's your perspective? >> caller: hthey're not saying contained, but they're saying control. they are on the scene and they're making sure they're going to get this fire completely out so no other homes are threatened. >> do you know how many homes were lost? there were talk about five lost and five others threatened? >> caller: last report is that we had five homes fully involved in the fire. >> and the apartment building, the bennington apartment building, was that evacuated orb just a precaution? >>. >> caller: vac wait as a precaution. so we've had about 50 evacuees
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head over to fairfield high. >> are there any injuries that you know about? and how did this start, do you know? >> caller: we don't know how it started. and we are fortunate that we've had no injuries, not of citizens, not of firefighters. there's been loss of property, of course, which is always sad, but no injuries, and i think our firefighters are receipt are ri top of this. >> just to recap, no injuries, which is the best news here and also in terms of firefighters have contained this fire, but you see still a large presence, which started out as a seven alarm fire along ooexe eastbound 80 at the top of your screen. we were talking about the winds, 10 to 15-mile-per-hour winds in this area. how much did that play into how quickly this moved from home to home? >> it did have a factor.
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we were lucky they weren't strong offshore wins at 50 miles per hour which is entirely possible this time of year. but it plays on our worst fears with a drought in effect. we've already set locator map on where this fire is. but i've zoned in a little bit closer where this containment zone is. if you live near marigold drive and north texas street, this is where this has been happening, while they have controlled the fire, those embers are still potentially, could be lifted up into the atmosphere, maybe a half-mile, maybe a mile away with that wind coming out of the west, southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. so if you live on mayor gold drive, anywhere near north texas street and mare gold drive, possibly dickinson hill road or americana way, that's where you need to be very vigilant about your house and possibly some embers coming your way. i do not want to alarm people
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too much, but it is a potential. that's how these other houses caught on fire, again, by these embers flaying from home to home. so if you are anywhere off to the north of marigold drive, within a mile radius, that's where you should still advise some caution until this is entirely out. you can see some hotspots, and while we don't have the flames shooting 20 feet into the atmosphere, it is still a concern. so we are watching the weather. and any one in this area, it looks like those embers, if they are still in the atmosphere could move off to the north, possibly a half-mile from this location. thank you. and it's so tense for us as viewers to watch this situation, obviously for neighbors, friends and family to come home and see this happen to your neighborhood or specifically to your house. we also have on scene, monte francis who's arrived on scene.
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where are you and what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: we were just getting off of interstate 80 in father field. there's still a small a smoke in the air. traffic has been pretty awful, backed up on interstate 80 from the chad born road exit to five or six miles. when the fire started at about 3:30 it was burning right next to the preway. and two lanes of the freeway were closed for a time because of heavy smoke, but those lanes have since reopened. smoke is no longer an issue for drivers. it was stop and go for us for the last 30 minutes or so. we're told there are some local road closures to be aware of. north texas street is closed from dickson hill to atlantic avenue. and as you said we're arriving at the scene. so i will let you know more when i can. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> that's monte francis who just arrived on the scene. the bottom heine in terms of this, no injuries.
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firefighters have contained this. and i-80 remains open near fairfield high school. once again, this is a seven alarm fire. at least five homes were engulfed and five others threatened. it started around 3:30, 3:40 this afternoon. thankfully it's coming to an end from what we can see and what we've been told. we'll stay on the story. now the newest developments in the rim fire. tonight we have new video of the massive inferno. more than 3700 fire personnel are in tuolumne county right now trying to keep those flames from spreading. at last check, the fire is 20% contained. that's good. they've held that sense yesterday. it's burned nearly 180,000 acres. that's almost the size of san jose, san francisco, and oakland combined. and firefighters not just in the mount tapes fighting on the front lines. they've also set up a perimeter around the city of tuolumne. that's where we find marianne
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favro. what are we hearing from firefighters as it starts to get dark? >> reporter: well, firefighters are here near tuolumne because the fire is just six miles from this location. so there are dozens of fire trucks out here right now just in case the flames jump the burn lines. so far, this fire has destroyed 101 structures, but we've just learned that 31 of those were homes. the fire is also devastating to wildlife and rare trees. experts say the fire is burning one of the few old grove forests left if california. and because many of the trees are more than 200 years old we will not see the pines return to their current size in our lifetime. the fire is also wiping out many species of wildlife here. >> most wildlife that is not the song birds or something that can easily fly is going to be either directly burned by the fire or in many cases lose the habitat
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that's so essential for it to survive. >> reporter: he says the fire may devastate the already dwindling population of california spotted owls in this region. hand crews will continue to battle the fire tonight. and helicopters will resume water drops early tomorrow morning. 80 people have been evacuated and plan to spend the night in a shelter in sa nora tonight. and we are also told that this is the seventh largest wild fire in california history. reporting live in tuolumne, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. marianne, thank you. also new at 6:00. two bay area family camps have suffered big losses. we told you earlier about the berkley tawall my camp. the city of san jose has also been impacted. jodi hernandez takes a tour of that camp where 100 bay area kids were forced to make a big
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escape. >> this area, we have a stockpile of wood and other supplies and building materials. it's a complete loss. >> reporter: art shows us damage to a decades old camp. san jose family camp suffered some pretty extensive damage when the rim fire made its way onto the campground last week. >> i really have to applaud the firefighters and the risk they've taken. if it weren't for the firefighters, i think we would have lost much more of camp if not the whole camp itself. >> reporter: the fire destroyed a portion of the lodge, a barn that housed atvs and other equipment and 14 of the camp's 70 tent cabins, reducing those cabins that sleep four into nothing more than ash and charred metal bed frames. >> it is unbelievable how close the fire burned to our stuff. >> reporter: teachers from berkley's may beck high school spent the morning retrieving
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their students' and the school's belongings. 100 students had just unpacked for what was supposed to be a back to school camping trip when firefighters ordered them to evacuate and leave their things behind. >> they came and said you're being evacuated immediately. no time to go to your tents and get anything. you need to assemble, get out of here. >> reporter: the camp staff loaded the kids up into cars and even inside this moving van and escaped. >> there was a lot of adrenaline knowing, of course, and definitely smoke and flames as we were coming out of the camp. so we definitely, it was time to get out. >> reporter: firefighters have left some of their hoses up here at the camp. they come out here daily to put out hotspots. and as you can see, there are hotspots that need to be watched. >> if these things flame up again and they're close to is a bidding or structure, they could reignite that structure. >> reporter: the camp staff is keeping a close eye on things, waiting for the campground to cool down before they can clean
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up. in tuolumne county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. we have multiple crews on site. so we invite you to stay here with nbc bay area news for continuing coverage of this wildfire both on air and online and on social media. you can always follow us on facebook and twitter. just search for nbc bay area. want to take you back to fairfield. seven alarm fire broke out in fairfield late this afternoon. we have confirmed with the city of fairfield that five homes have been a total loss, completely engulfed in that arearea . we're talking about marigold drive. including the bennington apartments. you're looking at it what it looked like at the height of the fire when those homes were fully, fully engulfed. since then, the firefighters have moved to knock that fire down. it is not under control -- it is now under control, but not contained. no injuries to report.
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and right now what you're looking at is video from earlier. but at this point there's just a lot of heavy smoke. and it looks like fire crews have finally got a handle on this. of course we're tenning to watch this throughout the newscast. and if we have anything to report, we'll bring it to you and we'll have full coverage at 11:00 as well. a local group files a lawsuit about shampoos and soaps that many of us use every day. a silicon valley tech company leaves the cubicles behind. plus the bay bridge closure. it is coming up, and it could affect a lot more than just drivers. it may effect weddings. the impact to people on pressure island, and how they're going to get around, when we come back.
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now to a nbc bay area follow
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up. go ahead, say good by to styrofoam. san jose is now the largest city in the nation to ban those styrofoam food containers that so many of us get at the end of our meals in restaurants. san jose joins seven other cities, including san francisco, oakland and fremont. we're going to continue getting those styrofoam containers for a little while as owners try to figure out what the best option is for them and the kind of food they serve. the styrofoam containers are among the cheapest options on the market. it is going to be a big financial hit in the beginning, but in the long run it should be okay. at the chicken coop, the owner has one more thing on his plate, finding an alternative to the styrofoam to go con continue
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tapers. >> i think it's a good idea in the long run. but in the short term, i think there will be some issue, i guess, with how to transition. >> reporter: the city voted today to keep styrofoam out of the city's waterways. the vote was divided. councilman deacon stance says the ordinance could put some of the smallest restaurants out of business. one councilman says it's going to damage its own reputation. >> it's going to be ban jose instead of san jose. >> reporter: it begins in 2014 for chain restaurants. smaller restaurants have until 2015 except for those who qualify for a hardship extension.
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the styrofoam contaminated with food residue cannot be recycled. they've found that alternative products have dropped in price. and as san jose becomes the largest city to ban it, other cities will follow further driving down the cost of products. matt lee agrees. >> they will have to figure out how to make it cheaper and be competing against the manufacturer to sell the same product. >> reporter: now the mayor did tell me that the plastic bag ban that the city passed a couple years ago really didn't lay the ground work for the successful passage of the styrofoam ban. by the way, some of the folks who showed up for public comments said they had been out on recent trail cleanups, and they did not find a lot of plastic bags and that's a sign these bans do work. tomorrow evening the bay bridge will shut down for five days. while it's shut down, crews will
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put the finishing touches on the new $6 billion eastern span. the bridge will be shutting down at:00 tomorrow night and bart is already scheduled to immediately begin 24 hour service. cal tranis issuing passes to people who live or work on treasure island so they can drive on the western span. and how's this? there are three weddings taking place on treasure island during the closure over this weekend. guests will be shuttled in or given those special passes to drive on the western span. as for the possibility that the new bridge could open earlier than planned? at this point, it doesn't appear likely. >> the bridge will open when it's ready. and right now, the schedule is showing 5:00 on tuesday. >> that means that new eastern span. san francisco bay ferries will increase its fleet. getting around during this bay bridge closure could get tricky. at our website click on the tab on the upper left hand corner of
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your screen. you can find an entire section dedicated to alternative routes. let's check in with jeff ranieri. he's got your full bay bridge weather. just a good day to stay home. >> it might make it a little less painful for you. a few warm pockets, especially into the east bay. we had 89 in livermore, 89 in concord, 85 in napa, san francisco at 69. so a little bit of heat there, but we're going to talk about some cooler changes coming up in the seven day forecast. let's get you outside to the live high-definition view. we started off mainly clear for a lot of the bay. but the thing we'll notice tonight, the marine layer. it's coming back and even stronger than what we had in the past 24 hours, up to about 2,000 feet right now. that fog line will be impacting sfo for tomorrow morning. and you can see at emoriville, a
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beautiful shot right now with the old span of the bay bridge in the foreground. and there's that familiar fog in the background. our first look at wednesday, earn starting off with a few areas of cloud cover at the coast and by the bay. at least at 11:00. then as we head through tomorrow morning, low 60s, a little bit of cloud cover. mid-70s for the east, and 60s by the bay and a lot slower burnoff of that cloud cover here as we look at that forecast. in terms of airport delays, looking good at sfo. no problem. but with those clouds returning tomorrow morning, if you're leaving at 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00, an hour or two delays. laguardia running a little bit behind with some moderate issues as that cloud cover is on the increase. on our three-day forecast, temperatures stay pretty steady as we head throughout wednesday, thursday, and friday but we are going to be tracking a few showers getting close to the bay
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area coming up in the full forecast. also want to give you an update on the weather with the rim fire near yosemite. we've mentioned how it's grown over 170,000 acres. drier air, lower humidity and a wind smihift. tomorrow, another tough go for it as they continue out there in that very steep elevation. and we also talked about the fairfield home earlier with homes that have been burned near marigold drive. that fire is now contained. we'll have more coming up in the seven day forecast and when some showers will get very close to the bay in just a little bit. thank you very much. still ahead at 6:00, we're continuing to follow that story, the fire in yosemite now threatens drinking water here in the bay area. also playing with were your mind, the first of its kind experiment turning two minds into one. and leaving a cubicle for
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the playhouse. making some kids' lives a little better.
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dozens of silicon valley tech workers left their desk today to put smiles on the faces of some people. >> we're talking about engineers, marketing people and executives all working to give children some cool places to play. let's bring in our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: they came with drills. and paintbrushes. sand disk employees putting aside the flash memory business to make memories of another kind -- building playhouses for low-income kids with a boost from habitat for humanity. >> our partnership with habitat allows us to help not only habitat for humanity by supporting them through the use of the materials, but we also are able to help other
6:25 pm
charitable organizations as well. >> it is awesome. >> and the people -- >> these are among those getting playhouses. they're psyched. they got their wish for a playhouse featuring mind kraft characters. they're also part of a grateful family. >> it's great that people come out like this. and i'm touched by it because they're showing appreciation for military. a lot of this is donated. >> reporter: to mark 25 years in business, san disk sent people to nasdaq. >> this is a little bit cooler because at the end of it we get to see a lot of the families take possession of the houses. and seeing kids get so happy about it, it makes us grown men choke up and cry. and it's a wonderful feeling to do something positive for the community. >> reporter: leaving the
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cubicles to give the gift of playhouses. in millipedes, scott budman. >> they're smiling. >> very nice looking, too. we continue to follow the breaking news. for the past three hours this fire has been burning right next to fairfield high school. we'll have the latest on the ground as this community is on edge and has already been forced to evacuate to local areas. and i'm janelle wang. the white house is deciding right now whether to launch an attack against syria. warships ready to fire. when it could happen -- next. [ marco ] i'm a student at devry university.
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and this is my home team. this is my large lecture hall. this is my professor. and also my coach. this is my booster club. this is the guy who's graduating ready for a great career in technology. [ male announcer ] in 2012, 90% of devry university grads actively seeking employment had careers in their field in 6 months. find your career success in the bay area. learn how at
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an update now on the breaking news we've been following for the last several hours. this is in fairfield. you're looking at eastbound 80, and there's a traffic backup that goes back a few miles here. a neighborhood, our nbc chopper's going to get to that neighborhood in just a few minutes, ravaged by smoke in the last few hours. in the three hour period the fire burned at least five homes. it appears firefighters are getting a handle on this situation. that's eastbound 80 where all that traffic is. city officials near fairfield have told us the firefighters have the flames under control but not quite contained. >> want to show you what it
6:30 pm
looked like right after it broke out around 3:30 this afternoon. initially it was a vegetation fire that broke out jumped those embers, igniting roofs. five homes have been confirmed burned. at one point, as many of ten homes were being threatened. monte francis is on the scene. they have the situation contained now? >> reporter: that appears to be the case, jessica. police are keeping us back from the scene of the fire for safety reasons. we are on manuel campos parkway. the southbound lanes are open. just about a half-mile up the road, firefighters are battling those house fires. as far as the grass fire is concerned, it appears to be out. the call of the vegetation fire came in at about 3:30. and the fire quickly grew to seven alarms. the city of fairfield tells us the fire spread to five homes in thes have inch at this of
6:31 pm
marigold drive and interstate 80. an evacuation order was issued. and police say at least 50 residents were evacuated, including some who live in that apartment complex on north texas street. an evacuation center was set up at the fairfield high school on east atlantic avenue, and we talked to one man who was evacuated. and here's what he had to say. >> it was just how quick everything started. just how we were all looking at our back yards. just smoke coming out of the highway. and just how crazy it is that our neighbors, three houses, just caught fire out of nowhere. >> reporter: there are also some local road closures to be aware of. north texas is closed from dickson to atlantic. at this point, it's unclear if anyone was injured as a result of the fire. now when the fire started at about 3:30 it was burning right next to i-80.
6:32 pm
two lanes of interstate were closed for a time because of heavy smoke in the area. but when we drove by a short time ago there was only a small amount of smoke and the lanes have reopened. the traffic remains very slow. we're hoping to get closer to the scene soon and talk to the fire department. and we will pass that information along as soon as we get it. live in fairfield, monte francis, nbc bay area news. now to the latest on the rim fire. new video of the massive inferno burning in and around yosemite. more than 3700 fire personnel are in tuolumne county trying to keep those flames from spreading any further. at last check, the fire 20% contained. it has burned nearly 180,000 acres. when you think about it, it's the size of san jose, spo, and oakland combined. it is massive. firefighters not just on the mount tapes, they've set up a perimeter around the city of tuolumne. >> the fire burns closer to the reservoir. >> it's burning at hetch hetchy
6:33 pm
reservoir. joe risotto junior shows us what it means for the water supply. >> reporter: among the redwoods, the o'shaughnessy dam sits for people in the bay area. as the fire edges closer to the hetch hetchy reservoir, utility officials are on alert. >> the latest information shows that the fire has advanced into our hetch hetchy watershed and also in the vicinity of o our reservoir. >> reporter: the public utilities commission says the fire sits 300 yards from the reservoir, still, they're not hitting then paic button. ash has begun to rain down on the water. >> we have visual confirmation that ash has been landing on the reservoir. but we draw our water about 260 feet below the surface of the reservoir. >> we have instruments all
6:34 pm
throughout our water system that measure turbidity. >> reporter: they constantly test water quality. right now they show the level of turbidity at .2. >> that's what it was before the fire began. that's what it is today. we haven't seen any change or any increase in water turbidity. >> reporter: the hetch hetchy system supplies water to san francisco and 26 other agencies along the peninsula. palo alto receives 100% of its water from the system. >> we're not feeling nervous that we're going to have undrinkable or poor quality water. >> reporter: a spokesperson says there are contingency plans in place if they are forced to shut down because of poor water quality. >> they will switch to local reservoirs they have and keep the supply coming in. >> reporter: san francisco's puc says the real problems could can come in the spring when ash runs
6:35 pm
in through the spring runoff. >> it has not affected water quality. and so people should remain confident of their water quality from their tap. >> reporter: joe risotto junior, nbc bay area news. we will have continuing coverage of the bay area fire. we will have updates on social media. you can follow us on facebook and twitter. in the east bay, a construction worker is dead after an apparent accident at a school. a spokesperson for the berkley unified school district says a truck ran a man over this afternoon. he'd been working on a new track at king middle school. you see that track right there. cal osha has taken over the investigation. school was not in session when it the accident happened. inmates are scheduled to be sent to private prisons and private jail cells. they are asking for $315 million
6:36 pm
to make this happen. he say it is would help the state meet a federal court mandate by reducing the prison population by nearly 10,000 prisoners by the end of this year. he has found a way to comply with it without jeopardizing safety. >> it lets people out but finds additional places for incarceration. both in state and out of state. >> senate president issued a statement this afternoon saying the governor's proposal is a plan with no promise and no hope. stine brook says more money for more prison cells alone is not a good situation. ready attack. the white house is weighing its options in how to respond to the use of chemical weapons in syria. janelle wang is here with the new details. >> reporter: the white house says there is no doubt that chemical weapons are being used in syria.
6:37 pm
it also says it has no doubt the syrian regime is responsible. the decision now -- how to act. should the u.s. intervene in syria's civil war? that is a question president obama and his national security team are debating right now. >> the options that we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. >> reporter: nbc news has learned the u.s. is ready to launch cruise missiles from the mediterranean sea. warships just offshore prepared to attack syria's artillery stockpiles without sending in any ground troops. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingenciecon. >> reporter: the discussion coming to a head after the white house says it has no doubt president assad's regime used chemical weapons on a massive scale last week outside of
6:38 pm
damascus. >> chemical weapons have been used. everyone acknowledges their use. >> reporter: the two year civil war has killed 100,000 syrians. million have fled the country and are now living in refugee camps, including 1 million children. the u.s. has support from turkey and brittain. >> it's not about going further into that conflict. it's about chemical weapons. their use is wrong. and the world shouldn't stand idly by. >> reporter: the white house is consulting congressional leaders. lawmakers are divided and so are the american people. as for syria, today the foreign minister said his country will tee fend itself against any u.s. air strike. and the country appear does have russia and iran on its side. janelle wang, nbc bay area news. the website for the new york times was hacked this afternoon.
6:39 pm
and that was just the beginning. a group claiming to be the syrian electronic army says it hacked the times and twitter. the times admitted that its site was down for some time, saying it had been hacked and it was working on getting it back online. still ahead at 6:00. taking the idea of mind control to ann material new level. we're going to show you a first of its kind experiment. the touching picture of a wounded veteran and his wife that's become an internet sensation. and i'm in the weather center. plenty of sunshine today. it's still evident on that sky camera network in san jose. looking good tonight. however, we are tracking some unusual august rain offshore. you can see it on the satellite radar picture. i'll let you no he what this means for us coming up in a few minutes.
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50 years later, and it should be quite a sight. president obama, clinton and carter commemorating the martin luther king, junior speech. final preparations taking place on the lincoln memorial. thousands of people will fill the national mall for the culmination of a week of remembrance. a marine who lost both of his legs after stepping on a mine in afghanistan is now capturing the hearts of thousands as is his wife. the staff sergeant has rebuilt his life after that accident. during his recovery, he met his future wife kellie. recently the two were on vacation in idaho, and they
6:43 pm
hired a professional photographer to take photos. in one photo, kellie is holding her husband on her back. the photo went viral after the photograph was posted on the facebook page. >> what's it like to see these comments, jessy? >> again, just speechless, having that kind of impact, it's very humbling. >> we represent a lot of people that are going through, a lot of couples that are going through the same thing. so it's just an honor to be able to represent that. >> the couple says they enjoy that the site is getting so much attention because it's a reminder of the sacrifice that's being made by the military every day. >> a sweet photograph. >> it really is. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. we've been talking about fires and wind patterns. temperature is going to stay stable over the next few days. you can see from the live sky
6:44 pm
camera network, fog rolling in over oakland, looking very beautiful right now. and details about when showers could get unusually close for august in a few minutes.
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
in health matters tonight, the center for environmental health filed a lawsuit against four companies after tests found a cancer causing chemical is in four products. the chemical is a modified form of coconut oil and it's used as a thingening agent in slap pooh, liquid soaps and bubble bath. many manufacturers are putting a warning on the label. the center bought products and found 98 products tested positive and had no warning
6:47 pm
label. the suit is asking for $2500 for every day it's been in violation. this could and little spooky. scientists say they hooked up a person's brain to the internet to control the finger of another person. university of washington researchers say they're closer to taking the knowledge of one brain and transmitting it directly to another. one researcher wore a cap with electrodes hooked up to a brain with activity. he imagined moving his hand without doing so in real life. another researcher not watch be the video game wore the cap over the coil of the brain that controls the hand. when the other thought about making a hand motion, the other's finger pushed the space bar. >> i need to get that cap so i can control you and jeff a little bit better. right now i don't have that much control over jeff. >> no, no. i love you and all, but that could be dangerous.
6:48 pm
she can control my hand right now. the satellite picture shows unusual rain just offshore. this cold front is going to be braking up so unfortunately, no rainfall for us if you wanted that. but here is the other thing you're going to notice. much more extensive cloud cover to start as we head throughout tomorrow morning. we didn't have too much today. but we'll have widespread cloud cover at the coast. temperatures near 60. and then we have a slow push back of the fog. by 11:00 we should have mid-70s and sunny skies. so a great wednesday heading our way. let's get you outside to that high-definition view. you'll see that scenic shot this afternoon. like a postcard. now we take you to palo alto. and you can see the fog line is very extensive here, looking off to the north, highway 101 on the right hand side of your screen, with the fog that thick at this hour we will most certainly have
6:49 pm
airport delay issues at sfo as we head into the morning hours. let's get a look at our fog factor forecast. i do think our coastal counties will be impacted the most. also the north bay counties with low clouds moving in. even contra costa county with some of that cold air moving right throughout the golden gate gap should see areas of clouds right around alamo, concord into fairfield. by the afternoon, the cloud cover's not going to go any somewhere. we had breaks of sun at the coastline. but we're not anticipating that for tomorrow. looks like the fog is going to hold steady. the sunniest spot will be santa cruz where temperatures will be popping up into the low and mid-70s. so tomorrow, not too many extremes. not too hot. comfortable in san jose with 83. get closer to the bay and you can see temperatures dropping off to the lower 80s. it's going to feel like the 90s in the sun in the east bay.
6:50 pm
so take a few breaks if you're doing work outside tomorrow. and don't forget the water. 69 in san francisco, 85 in napa. we'll have warm air filtering in the next couple days. and then by this upcoming weekend, a storm's going to get super close to us. doesn't look like rainfall right now. but we will have showers up across the california/oregon border. i'm going to keep it dry through this upcoming weekend, but that's something we'll be watching. temperatures will be getting cooler. it looks pretty good the next couple days. >> i saw a windshield wiper go across the screen. >> that was jessica controlling it. >> that was jessica controlling my hand. >> if only -- let's get to sports. jim joins us from the sports newsroom -- then i could control jim too. >> be careful. >> you must do that. why am i dressed like a
6:51 pm
mortician tonight? who dressed me for goodness sake? what kind of a dour mood am i in? justin verlander? he has owned the oakland a's recently winning six straight against them including two begins last year's adls. we're going to bring tiger. we've got highlights. lowry, get a load of this. little blooper. you think somebody's going to get it. no they're not. bottom of the first. tied at two, man on third. little leaguers, don't watch this, all right? that, you know what? my second grade daughter made that play in the san ramon little league girls league. bringing in the rain, how cute. that's a home run tunnel. he then got a juice box. that's how you celebrate.
6:52 pm
6-3. giants and rockies from the mile high city. for those of you who don't know, that's denver, colorado. remember when penn ran into the fence last night? he took it over the fence and then over the bleachers. that's how it went. 16th run of the year. very next hitter, pablo sandoval. panda power. that's a moon shot. first time giants have gone back to back this season. right now giants are up 3-1. they're in the fourth inning. it's official. breece is going open against the packe packers. the rookie has impressed both his teammates and the coordinator. >> he's gotten better and better each and every day. he's had his pot oholes where hs had mistakes here and there. but overall he's been steady.
6:53 pm
>> ever since day one, he's been picking up the system really well. you know, he's been tremendously physical. he's tackling well, communicating will. >> it's obviously good news for me, so, you know, i'm going to keep working hard and try to keep the spot. >> all right. madden football video game has something called a truck stick for making big hits. but nothing like what 49ers ray mcdonald showed off this big bad boy at practice. how about that? perhaps that's what opposing players feel like. now me, i go the other route. get aload of my whip right here. tiny, tiny rims. might not look like much, easy to park. great gas mileage. little guy get as little car. how about that? >> very spirited sports guy tonight. >> okay. >> i know. after getting kicked in the face last night. i had to come up with something. >> it's the first day of the rest of your life, by the way.
6:54 pm
>> thank you.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
paramedics inside one of the bay area's largest response systems are sounding an alarm. >> the problem is the potentially dangerous dispatch system regarding shootings and stab beings. our chief investigative reporter joins us with a preview of the report. >> this is an example of the system working. we've analyzed 15 months of emergency calls. and our computer analysis has forced officials to make changes. paramedics came to the investigative unit after their concerns were not addressed. they say calls to shootings and stabbings are not receiving the priority they should.
6:57 pm
>> they don't know that the ambulance units are getting dispatched off shootings for people that are dizzy, intoxicated, complaining of headaches. i don't see how somebody who's vomiting is in more dire straits than someone who's been shot. >> basically what we've found is that there's been a problem. >> i think it's a perceived problem. >> reporter: tonight we investigate one of the bay area as biggest 911 dispatch systems. join us at 11:00 to hear paramedics say why it needs to be fixed and why it's led administrator does make changes to the emergency response system. thank you. if you have a tip for tony or anybody at our investigative unit give a call, or you can send us an e-mail. >> thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. we hope to see you back here at
6:58 pm
11:00. >> bye-bye.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> now on "extra" -- >> what is going on between you and lamar? >> khloe and lamar's marriage >> are the rumors true? >> new clues today. khloe hiding under a hoodie and lamar resurfacing after his bender. is it over? miley fans the flames with a racy tweet hours after her v.m.a. strip show. did she commit career suicide? from the stars to late night, america sounds off. gaga's leopard print parade. you won't believe where she is going dressed like this. and a beach brawl over $5. princess kate pushing her own grocery cart. >> she doesn't even look like she had a baby.

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